Your protected application makes a call to the hasp dongle using 2 passwords, which are hidden in software code. But in  the Windows operating systems all calls from any user application to any USB device including hasp4 andf HaspHL are sent via genuine operating system USB port drivers, and these drivers allow users to capture all the traffic sent and received to the USB port. Looking at this traffic sent to USB port where Hasp is connected we can easily find the passwords.



Your protected software MUST be able to run or at least to start (and do a Hasp plug check) under Windows operating system. This does not mean that your cloned hasp or its duplicate will be restricted to any operating system. This precondition is valid for finding hasp passwords only!



1. Make sure you have installed your protected application and Hasp dongle is plugged.


2. Make sure you have Hasp dongle drivers v5.22 or later installed. If you have earlier drivers or version is unknown - download and update your Hasp drivers. Currently they can be downloaded from Aladdin support site directly:  (File is called "HASP HL driver setup" )

or if they would disappear or change - copy is here

After update - reboot PC, even if not asked to do so.

3. Download and run  HASP/Hardlock dongle dumper from:  HASPHL2008.EXE (830Kb) .This is a widely spread third party dumper used on number of emulator sites. We will use it for finding passwords only..  


4. When you start HASPHL2008.exe select "Driver".   Then press "Install Driver". If all ok you will see the status changed to "Driver Installed".

Now restart PC, even if not asked to do so.


5.  After reboot start  HASPHL2008.exe again, select "Emulator" tab and  press "Start Service".  If all ok you will see status changed to "Emulator Service is running".


6. Now leave HASPHL2008.exe running and start your protected application. Hasp has to be plugged all this time. Do something with your protected app for few minutes to allow it to check for hasp presence. It can also be that your protected application will not start or tells "no hasp" or something alike.  This is normal and fully ok for us.

During this time HASPHL2008.exe will capture and log the password pairs for us.

7. Now go back to HASPHL2008.exe, select "Dumper" tab and press "Refresh". If all ok you will see the passwords - pair of hexadecimal numbers. Great - half work done.  It could be you will see more than one pair. Write down all pairs. We will need them.



8. Now you can select "Driver" tab again, uninstall its driver and close it. After Reboot your protected application will continue to work as before if it has failed in previous step.



Now we have your Hasp passwords, you can return to the steps of  reading procedure of your USB HASP  here


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